About Us​

Circle I Deer is a family owned and operated whitetail deer breeding facility located in Godley, Texas.  On the farm, we strive to provide the best animals possible and to also provide the best service possible.  Our goal is to make sure that all customers are thoroughly satisfied with the animals that they purchase from us.  We are always happy to show people our deer and if you ever want a tour of the farm, just give us a call.

Our Beginnings

From twenty plus years of whitetail management and being avid outdoorsmen, Circle I Deer was created in 2008 by brothers Mark and Monty Irvin once receiving their breeders permit from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TX2684).  Our mission from the very begining was to bring very healthy and high quality deer into the industry at a reasonable price.  We started doing this through the feeding of Performance Feeds LLC's premium deer feed and through diversifying the genetic pool of our herd through breeding to some of 4M whitetails bucks and through our AI program.  We started our location just 30 minutes southwest of Fort Worth, Texas a few miles outside of Godley, Texas.  The facility is family owned and operated with members from both Mark & Monty's family's contributing to our success.

Mason Irvin

Mason is Monty's middle son, and helps with the day to day business of the deer farm and manages the website.  Mason is currently studying at Texas A&M University majoring in Animal Science with pre-vet intentions.

Monty Irvin

Monty Is part owner of Circle I Deer and brother to the other part owner Mark Irvin.  Monty is an animal nutritionist who owns and operates Performance Feeds LLC, where all of the deer feed comes from.

Mark Irvin

Mark is part owner of Circle I Deer and brother to Monty.  Mark works in construction with his business Dokir Construction, which built all of the deer pens at the breeding facility.

Allen Irvin

Allen is Mark's son and he helps with all of the day to day business of the deer farm.  Outside of the deer farm Allen works for Irvin Insurance Agency, a Farmers insurance agency.

Merrick Irvin

Merrick is Monty's youngest son and he helps alongside the rest of the family in running the deer farm.  Merrick is currently in high school at Godley High School.